Products & Services

Products & Services

Savings and Shares:

Savings Every member is obliged to save a minimum of 20,000/= per month but one can save any amount above that.

  • After saving for 4 months, a member is eligible to apply for a loan facility in accordance to the bylaws and policies.
  • A member can authorize transfer of his/her savings in to shares at any moment.
  • Members cummulative savings of the year are withdrawn and taken by members during the Annual General Meeting held in December before Christmas every year.


  • a share is money that a member deposits/pays to the SACCO giving him/her ownership of the SACCO and earning interest from investments.
  • At the moment, each share costs 20,000/=
  • A member can sell his/her shares to another member.
  • Shares earn interest basing on total interest accumulated in the year and as decided by the AGM.


  • Members are currently benefiting from very easily accessible Loans at 5% calculated on a reducing basis.
  • A member can apply for loan worthy the sum of their savings and those of their two chosen and confirmed guarantors. 
  • A member can apply for a loan after saving for atleast 4 months.