About Us

Who we are

The ICT Teachers Association Members (ITAM) Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited is a distinct financial entity that was formally registered on December 10, 2020, with the certificate number P.11901/RCS. Originally established to support educators and professionals in the field of information and communication technology, ITAM SACCO has proven instrumental in enhancing its members’ business growth, market access for their products, and financial management skills.


With a vision to become the leading digital-driven SACCO that offers convenient financial services nationally, propelling members towards economic prosperity.

ITAM SACCO’s mission is to deliver savings and credit solutions and financial literacy programs, promoting sustainable wealth creation and collaborative growth among our community of ICT practitioners, educators and well-wishers.

This mission is underpinned by a clear set of objectives, which includes financial linkage and intermediation across the nation, and any additional cooperative development support services that its members demand and approve.


ITAM SACCO’s strategic goal is to develop into a formidable and stable national central cooperative financial institution, with technology as a crucial enabler. Its mandate centers around Cooperative Financial Services aimed at the Economic Empowerment of Co-operators. In alignment with its ethos, ITAM SACCO adheres to cooperative principles, such as open and voluntary membership, democratic member control, members’ economic participation, autonomy and independence, and fostering education, training, and technology.


The SACCO’s core values of Integrity, Cooperation, and Transparency are not only abbreviated as ICT but also serve as its foundational pillars. Its motto, “Financial Empowerment Through ICT,” reflects a commitment to using technology as a means of empowering its members financially.


As a “Digital SACCO,” ITAM SACCO envisions leveraging technology to offer savings and credit services more conveniently than traditional local SACCOs. It aims to instill a saving culture among its members and bolster teacher entrepreneurship through financial literacy training in collaboration with like-minded stakeholders, such as banks and cooperative societies.


Membership to the SACCO comes with a one-time non-refundable fee of UGX 20,000 and the purchase of at least one share valued at UGX 20,000, in line with its bylaws. Members enjoy numerous rights, including access to savings and loan services, periodic statements of account, and the opportunity to purchase additional shares and earn dividends.


ITAM SACCO operates with a set of well-crafted policies, procedures, and guidelines, including the Lending & Loan Collection Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines (LPGs), which oversee its loan operations. This framework ensures members can access credit programs and services based on repayment capacity and partake in joint financial programs with similar entities, thus promising a sustainable future for the SACCO and its members.


The inaugural General Meeting for the SACCO was held in Ntungamo in May 2021, marking the beginning of its journey to become a cornerstone for economic empowerment among its members. Through prudent financial management and strategic growth initiatives, ITAM SACCO is dedicated to enhancing the welfare and economic status of those it serves.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Vision
  • To become the leading digital-driven SACCO that offers convenient financial services nationwide.
  • Mission
  • To offer savings and credit services, financial literacy programs, promoting entrepreneurship among our community of ICT practitioners, educators and well-wishers, propelling them towards economic prosperity.

Our objectives and Principles


  • Provide financial linkage and intermediation to all members country wide
  • Provide all other co-operative development support services demanded and approved by its members.
  • We offer a variety of financial and non-financial services to support co-operative growth. 
  • Strategic Goal: Grow ITAM SACCO into a strong and sound national central co-operative financial institution, aided by technology.
  • Our Core Values

    These include:

      • Integrity,

      • Cooperation,

      • Transparency 

    ITAM is a cooperative and it operates under the cooperative principles which include:


      • Open and voluntary membership

      • Democratic member control

      • Members’ economic participation

      • Autonomy and independence

      • Education, training, and Technology

      • Cooperation among cooperatives

    • Concern for the community